Squirrel – Children’s MMO


¬†Gnome – Children’s MMO


Here are a couple textures I made while at Benxing Entertainment, working on a children’s online game. I wanted to marry bright, approachable colors with a painterly style. If I were to revisit anything, I’d give the gnome’s hair some more UV space because its very clear disparty in texture density is driving me nuts.


Jenny Son concepted both avatars, while Tommy Truong modeled, UVed, rigged, and animated them. I painted the texture, teaching myself  how to use both Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Mudbox to paint directly on the 3D model to make seams less of a headache. CS4 introduced an innovative and interesting (albeit slightly quirky) 3D system that allowed artists to import 3D models and paint on them. In retrospect, I really enjoyed figuring out how to maneuver a newfangled software package.

We used Unity as a game engine, back in 2009 when it was still relatively nascent, which allowed our small team to dream up and execute big ideas.

Role at Benxing

I was Creative Manager at Benxing, a small startup in Columbia, MD with two other artists and a programmer. I had a fantastic time working on such a tightknit team, where each of us had ownership over our products. We tried to balance being generalists with working to our strengths as artists . For example, I have a strong passion and talent for digital painting, 2D art, and stomping around in code, so I found myself most comfortable texturing Tommy Truong’s models, while simultaneously delving into CSS, website design, and product branding. I also got my first taste of juggling scheduling and task lists, as well as presenting the creative interests of our group.