3D Assets for CityVille 2 – Zynga



In addition to creating 3D assets, I built worlds for screenshots and NPC maps. Here’s a screenshot I put together for marketing.



Another screenshot I put together showing the day/night cycle. You might be surprised to learn how much XML/code hackery I needed to use to get a camera with such a drastically different Field of View than the default.

Gingerbread House and Gift Shop models


A closer look at a couple really fun buildings I made for CityVille 2: the gingerbread house and the gift shop. From working on a game with such tight polygon constraints, I learned how to use every square pixel of UV space for textures, how to budget tris, how to create textures with consistent UV density between assets, and how to balance low poly with texture space.

Performing Arts building


Any example of an asset we received from contractors that I cleaned up. I optimized the geometry, then reUVed and retextured it. I’m really happy with how the emissive came out, as I was experimenting with something very colorful and reminiscent of a modern performance hall.

Rome district buildings: Pantheon and Roman Forum


Big Huge Games

Art Intern: Environment (Nov 2008 – March 2009)

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
3D models, textures, and UV unwraps for city and outdoor environments

Here are some assets I textured during my internship at Big Huge Games. All assets copyright THQ.

Fruit Stand texturing


Building texturing


Texture sheets

Trim and roof texture

stonetrim roofconstruction

Fruit stand texture


Carpet texture


What I learned from my internship

I interned at BHG during my Senior Year of college at UMBC and learned how to create 3D game art at an ~80-100 person studio focused on desktop and console development. Neal Jany was my mentor, teaching me how to use Photoshop and CrazyBump to quickly produce an array of maps (normal, spec, etc) and how to implement assets in the proprietary game engine. I gained experience working on both the city and outdoor environment teams, primarily texturing buildings, props, and terrain. I enjoyed working on a project with such a beautiful, painterly style. Since it underwent many iterations after my internship ended, not much of my original work made it to the shipped title… but I definitely spotted those carpets early in the game! There’s something pretty magical about seeing your work in a shipped product.