FrontierVille Assets

From the Frontier of Social Gaming

I┬ámade several 2D Flash animations, icons, environment assets, and spot illustrations for FrontierVille, a social game on Facebook with a very short development cycle. Here’s a few of my favorites. Please note that you’ll need to install Flash Player if you’d like to see any of the animations below.

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This game was incredible to work on as Zynga East’s first shipped title. I literally interviewed in Brian Reynold’s house; my first day began in his basement with nine other developers. It was hot and cramped, but it brought us closer together. From humble basement beginnings, we moved to a real office and shipped the game with three artists and an Art Director. I’m proud to have been one of the original artists; I ended up learning how to create vector graphics and got really comfortable animating in Flash.

June 2010 – The day we went live

Pre-ship and post-ship on a live game are two extremely different environments. FrontierVille had such an aggressive feature cadence, that the only way to get everything done was to work lightning fast and be as efficient and organized as possible. I was responsible for creating Mystery Animals that would appear out of premium Mystery Boxes – I kept up a pace of nine animals (three species, three colors each) every two weeks. They’ve made the studio millions of dollars, which is honestly more money than I ever thought I could have generated as an individual.


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