I completed a UI/UX Certification Program with Boulder Digital Arts in February 2020. In this course, taught by UX professional Nathan Valderrama, I learned Sketch and Invision, as well as codifying the principals of UX and UI Design I had informally picked up during my six year employment with mobile games studio Backflip Studios.


Healthy Living flowchart, showing how the user navigates the app. I focused on creating prototype of the search function for my MVP.

Low fidelity to high fidelity mock ups below:

During A/B testing, I determined that most users responded better to the barcode scanner in the main navigation bar at the bottom. I ended up swapping the location of the scanner and browse button based on user feedback for the high fidelity version.

Interact with the MVP prototype below.

You may also access this prototype by following the comically large inVision link below: