A collection of personal projects in various stages of completion, done in my limited free time outside of work.



Speedpaint: Honey badger giving zero Fs.

Chubbimal Zodiac

A tribute to one of my favorite sauces, sriracha. Part of my Chubbimal Zodiac series, pictured below.


All the Zodiac Chubbimals I made!  I sold these at Denver Comic Con. I originally created each Chinese Zodiac animal re-imagined in a much rounder form on its own postcard, and later decided to poster-fy them all on one page. Each Chubbimal took between two and eight hours to bang out in Photoshop. I spent about two weeks in the sliver of time I had after my full time work ended and before I needed to sleep getting these done before my print deadline, which became a major challenge. I had to pick a somewhat simpler style that wouldn’t take forever to bring from concept to creation due to the reality that I need sleep to function a work.

My Little Zombicorn


Random silly idea brought to life: “Carrot on a stick” adapted for a Zombicorn. 

Twilight Sparkle


Fun Fact: I drew this before Habsro created Equestria Girls, and before they coincidentally bought a majority stake the studio I work for. This is my take on “Twilight Sparkle” as a human.


Wanted to draw a quick cute-but-weird thing.

Blue Glow

Blue Glow
Something I painted up in Photoshop after feeling very inspired by the glowing blue crystals near the end of Uncharted 2. I wanted to study luminescence and translucency.



A quick and rough Siamese cat painting that I may eventually finish someday.

Red Riding Hood


Re-imagining Red Riding Hood as a battle-hardened dark elf warrior.