Project Jumper – Light Guard

A character model I brought from concept to completion for Jumper, a UMBC Senior Capstone Project I worked on in 2009 with five artists and three programmers.



4880 tri for female, 542 tri for gun
1024×1024 maps (diffuse, spec, normal)
3D modeling: Maya
Texturing: Photoshop, ZBrush
Render: Mudbox
Game Engine: Gamebryo



There are three guard units in the game – this is the Light Guard, who is the fastest-moving class in our demo. She is agile, wears the least armor, and has the lowest HP of all the classes. She uses a mid-range pistol with the least damage, but she’s able to sneak and maneuver into places that the other guards cannot.

Texture sheets


Unlit model


Gameplay video

Role on Project Jumper

I was Lead Artist for the second half of the project, and made it my goal to keep communication open between artists and programmers. When blocking issues arose, I directed team members to the most experienced person in a particular field.

Underworld Summoner

A character concept with orthos that I’ll get to modeling one day!

Some sloppy colors


BW WIP with notes