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Helen Zhang: Video Game Artist

I am a highly motivated, award-winning digital artist with a unique technical aptitude, broad set of creative abilities, and solid verbal & written communication skills that have allowed me to adapt to studios large and small. I’m a quick learner and self-starter with an infectiously positive attitude. I thrive on projects and teams that value my strong sense of ownership, leadership, and ability to get things done on a deadline.


To contribute my versatile set of skills in 2D and 3D art production to a challenging professional career in video game development.



Artist — Backflip Studios –April 2013 – Present
-UI/UX Design for Ninjump Rooftops, Ninjump Smash, DragonVale Pop, and DragonVale (current project) – working closely with Game Designers to bring UI from wireframes to final, production-ready assets. Implemented UI for Ninjump Smash and DragonVale Pop with NGUI and Unity.
-Primary artist on 3D bubble shooter DragonVale Pop (Android), working closely with one other team member (who was both principal programmer and game designer): took over UI design, concept, illustration, logo/icon creation, 3D environment asset modeling/texturing, world-building, asset optimization and implementation using NGUI and Unity. Responsible for reducing 300+ drawcalls in a given level by reducing all bubbles to a single drawcall using Sprite Packing and texture atlas tools.
-2D Concept, Illustration, Logo and Icon design: Created character & environment concepts for Ninjump Rooftops, in addition to boosts, IAP, and mission icons. Created logo and icon for Ninjump Smash, and logo for Ninjump Dash.
-Art direction and consulting for Ninjump Dash, providing extensive written and visual feedback on UI art and design for a published title in the Ninjump franchise.
-Training and on-boarding new UI artists on DragonVale – establishing and documenting best practices and processes while unifying and improving upon the existing style

Senior Artist, CityVille 2 — Zynga East – May 2011 – Feb 2013
– 3D modeling, UV unwrapping, texturing, and basic rigging/animating environment assets, buildings, and props for 3D social game CityVille 2 using 3DS Max and Photoshop (2011-present)
– Establishing and documenting 3D asset pipelines while informing art tool creation for use in a real time 3D engine
– Researching and developing creative broad strokes to solve technical problems, like how to optimize low poly trees that still retain a high quality aesthetic, and how to approach interlocking roads, clouds, and terrain pieces
-Collaborating with designers, engineers and production managers to execute new features and tech, while keeping a keen eye on what is technically possible, aesthetically pleasing, and profitable

Senior Artist, FrontierVille — Zynga East – October 2009 – May 2011
-2D concepting, vector illustration, and Flash animation for social game FrontierVille as a founding artist; influencing the early look and feel of the game, and creating a majority of the game’s animating animals during live production
-Familiarity with XML coding for asset implementation and amending cross-discipline bottlenecks
-Getting new artists up to speed, informing art tool creation, attending spec reviews and interpreting art asset asks
-Utilizing creative problem solving skills to overcome technical hurdles and art errors
-Honing an efficient and flexible work style in response to an aggressive feature cadence, consumer demands, and shifting
Facebok policies

Creative Manager — Benxing Entertainment – May 2009 – October 2009
-Directed a small team towards creating consistently high quality, entertaining video game titles for children and the iPhone, while guiding individuals’ diverse creative talents towards a common goal.
-Concept, illustrate, model, texture, rig, and animate characters, environments, props, and UI elements for a 3D, stylized online children’s game, using Maya, Photoshop, and the Unity engine.
-Redesign the website and brand identity with HTML, CSS, and Dreamweaver.
-Enabled open communication between team members to reduce blocking issues and inefficiencies.

Art intern — Big Huge Games — Nov 2008 – Mar 2009
-Create environmental textures, low-poly models, and UVs for an unannounced RPG using Photoshop, 3D Studio Max, Crazybump, and Zbrush
-Work within the production pipeline to create polished, coherent cities that resonate with concept artists’ vision.


UMBC – Bachelor of Art, Animation – May 2009
Summa cum laude (3.97)  – Linehan Artist Scholar

Awards & Honors

Individual Hackathon winner (Zynga, 2012) – First place character concept art category 

Group Hackathon winner (Zynga, 2012)Tied first place in a group Hackathon, operating as principal artist responsible for all art assets for a game produced in a weekend (2009) – 3rd place Derby winner for t-shirt design: over 2900 sold:

Try to Believe Contest Winner (2008) – 1st place from the Brooklyn Philharmonic for collaborative animation with IRC Fellows class.

Linehan Artist Scholar (2005-2009) –Full scholarship to attend UMBC for excellence in visual arts

Imaging Research Center Fellow (2006-2008) $10000 for outstanding performance in visual arts/technology

Studica Skills:

President’s List, UMBC (Fall 06-Spring 08)

Dean’s List, UMBC (Fall 05-Spring 08)

RISD Annual Art Award (2005)