Concept work I’ve been doing to develop a visual theme for a mobile project.

ftv_screenshot_256 ftv_screenshot_256_cropped

This was a fantastic opportunity for me to develop the look and feel of a mobile game from a ground level. My challenges were to find a style that not only matched an existing IP, but also improve upon it in a meaningful way. I was responsible for the environments, buildings, animals, trees, etc in this screenshot, while the avatar, feed mill and mailbox concept were drawn by Jason Pastrana. Our pipeline was very back and forth, with each of trading assets and painting over each others’ work. A lot of what I did also involved pulling previous assets from the original game and painting over them in a cohesive way.

These early ideal screenshots were used to help gain buy off on the production of the game, and so I couldn’t spend too long on any one thing. Dorian Newcomb guided me as my art director, helping me think about the bigger picture, like game-board and unit size, as well as encouraging me to find ways to ground assets into the world and develop a consistent style and treatment to each item.

Creature Development and Animation

Character_FoxA rabid fox I re-imagined from the original game.


After finding an ideal screenshot we were happy with as an art team, I moved on to the specifics of how we could implement animals and animated 2D objects in the game. I created a chicken and animated its different stages in Flash.

Instead of a standard white chicken, I went with a yellow one to read better against the dark brown dirt and to help distinguish it from chickens in other IPs.

Have a cow! Press play to see the looping animation I created from concept to final.